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Bomb Threats (continued)

Ignoring the threat poses obvious risks. While statistical evidence confirms that most bomb threats are not real, there have also been instances where bombs were found in response to a threat. Ignoring the threat may also unintentionally convey a message to employees that their safety is not a primary concern.

Evacuating immediately based on every bomb threat also carries certain risks. The disruptive effect on your operations is obvious. According to the ATF publication, “If the bomb threat caller knows that your policy is to evacuate each time a call is made, he/she can continually call and force your business to a standstill.” In addition, a bomber intent on causing physical injury could place a bomb near an exit route and then call in the threat.

Many businesses opt for option three which is a search of the premises and the evacuation of the building if a suspicious package or device is found.

Regardless of the response option selected by your company, it is important to have an established plan of action in the event a bomb threat is received. As with all emergency situations, preparation is the key.


If you receive a bomb threat by mail:

  • Save all material received.
  • Attempt to handle the package and contents as little as possible to preserve fingerprints, postage marks, etc.
  • Report the threat to police and to Cushman & Wakefield as soon as possible.


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