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  • Immediately report the crime to the police (911)
  • Do not subject yourself or your staff to physical harm at the crime scene.
  • Never argue or debate with an assailant.
  • Never block an assailant's escape.
  • Never fight back forcibly, unless required in a life-threatening situation. It is, however, often recommended that you avoid allowing an assailant to take you to a secondary location. 
  • Attempt to gain an accurate description of the assailants.                


  • Do not disturb anything at the crime scene.
  • Keep everyone confined to the building until the police indicate it is safe to leave.
  • Notify the building Property Manager (615) 340-0527.
  • Do not reveal details of the crime to the media. This may impede the police investigation or encourage copycat crimes.
  • Do not report details regarding any expensive stolen items to the media. This may alert other criminals to the value of your holdings and what will soon be replaced.
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