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Emergency plans should:

  • Designate evacuation routes which will best promote an evacuation that is both quick and safe.  Remember: DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS. Captains and co-captains should familiarize themselves with building evacuation routes and clearly communicate this information to all employees.
  • Designate a location outside of the building for everyone in your office to assemble. The meeting location should be well away from the building and should not block or disrupt the arrival and/or operations of emergency personnel.
  • Provide for a review of all personnel present at the designated meeting location and require the immediate notification of emergency personnel if it is believed personnel may still be in the building.
  • If there are handicapped persons within your office, be prepared to assist them to the safest possible location. If you are unable to get them completely out of the building, notify emergency personnel immediately upon their arrival.  Captains and co-captains should be aware of the presence of handicapped persons and alternative evacuation routes that will make egress as quick and safe as possible.

In accordance with Tennessee code requirements, we will conduct an annual fire alarm drill. We strongly encourage all companies to actively participate in this exercise. It is a valuable opportunity to test and improve your company's emergency preparedness.

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