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Captains and co-captains within each tenant suite should make certain employees are familiar with all emergency procedures, including the location of fire alarm pull stations, fire extinguishers, and emergency exits. 
Participation in fire evacuation drills should be encouraged and utilized as a tool to improve emergency procedures.
All evacuation routes should be free of obstructions at all times.
In some situations, it may be possible to contain a small fire with fire extinguishers or it may be necessary to utilize an extinguisher to make a safe exit from the building. For this reason, employees should be familiar with the locations of fire extinguishers and their operation. Fire extinguishers may be activated by:

  • Pulling the pin from the handle of the extinguisher.
  • Squeezing the handle of the extinguisher.
  • Once the extinguisher is activated, aim the extinguisher chemical at the base of the flame and sweep back and forth until the flame is extinguished.

Do not attempt to extinguish a fire unless you feel it is safe to do and always be certain to maintain an avenue for escape in the event the fire becomes unmanageable. Do not place yourself at risk.

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