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Bomb Threats (continued)

If you receive a bomb threat by telephone:

  • Never transfer the call
  • Try to remain calm, do not interrupt and listen carefully to the caller's message
  • Obtain as much information as possible
  • Never assume the threat is a hoax
  • Never argue with or ridicule the caller
  • Complete the Bomb Threat Checklist
  • Report the threat to police and to Cushman & Wakefield as soon as the call is complete

When Cushman & Wakefield is notified of the bomb threat, we will:

  • Confirm that the police have been notified
  • Dispatch personnel to the building
  • Notify tenant representatives within the affected building(s)
  • Meet with law enforcement officials
  • Initiate a search of the premises
  • Update tenants as any new information becomes available

Upon receipt of the bomb threat, discontinue the use of electronic devices until a search of the area has been completed. Electronic devices have the potential to activate some explosive devices. The police will be asked to assist with the building search, but they are not always capable of accommodating this request.  
The bomb search is an attempt to identify any vehicle, package, or device that arouses suspicion. Naturally, employees will be the individuals most familiar with their work environment and most capable of spotting a suspicious item. Therefore, employees should be asked to quickly scan their work area and report any suspicious items to their supervisor.  The supervisor should direct employees away from the area and quickly relay the report to the Property Manager or the police.


  • Do not touch it or inspect it in any way.
  • Initiate an evacuation of all surrounding areas.
  • access to the area until the proper authorities arrive on the scene.
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