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Even more important than your reaction to a fire, are your efforts to prevent a fire from occurring. A few precautions are:

  • Assign personnel to insure that all office appliances are turned OFF at the end of the day.
  • Be alert for odors, sparks, or flashes from electrical appliances. Any appliance suspected of malfunctioning should be turned off immediately and inspected prior to reactivation.
  • Do not overload wall circuits. If a circuit breaker trips, it may be necessary to install an additional circuit.  Contact Maintenance Department at (866) 708-6358 for assistance.
  • The terms of your lease may restrict the use and storage of flammable materials. In the event flammable materials are allowed to be used or stored in the premises, there should be strict adherence to the manufacturer's recommendations and compliance with all local, state and federal regulations regarding use, storage, and labeling.
  • Excess trash should be promptly discarded. If you need assistance, contact the Cushman Wakefield Maintenance Department.
  • In many cases, smoking within multi-tenant buildings will be regulated by local smoking ordinances. In every case, smokers should utilize designated smoking areas only and exercise caution to thoroughly and properly extinguish all cigarettes. Smoking is not allowed on the hospital campus.
  • Space heaters should not be used within the building. Contact the Cushman & Wakefield Maintenance Department if you experience problems with the temperature within your space.
  • Tennessee code prohibits the use of live Christmas trees within commercial properties. 
  • Exits and exit routes should remain clear of obstructions at all times.
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